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What another busy year for the Weiners!!  It started off with our annual folk festival with the Highwaymen  (Michael Row The Boat Ashore) and The Brothers Four.  We then traveled to Las Vegas where Hal attended two conferences and Karen did some shopping at the Gift Show.   Onwards to Payson, AZ for Karen’s Uncle Chester’s 90th Birthday party.  Along the we way we picked up a hitchhiker.   His name is JJ (for Jumping Jack) and he is now a 1 year old, 3˝ lb Maltese who has taken over our household.

 After returning from the southern climes, we had a visit from Karen’s Swedish cousins (Gert and Gunilla) from Gothenburg.  Then we immediately hopped a boat to Mexico (a rather large one – The Holland America Line Ooosterdam) for a cruise with friends from Florence and The Limeliters.   In between, Hal continued to work and travel to Oklahoma, Connecticut and places in between.

 In May we got to spend 27 hours in the Denver airport waiting for a plane to Nashville.  We did finally got there and enjoyed The Grand Ole Opry and a graduation party for Karen’s niece Kara.    Although we have said we would “never” buy a  real motorhome, we finally broke down and bought a 24’ Safari Trek.   We love it.  It is spacious and very comfortable and the mileage is not so bad.   So June, July and August were taken up with musical events in our new Trek, which culminated in a trip to the Tri-Cities in Washington, where Hal’s folk group (The New Folksters), played at the Tumbleweed Folk Festival.   Karen also traveled to Chicago for a wedding, to Salt Lake for genealogy with her sister Alice, and to Detroit for the National Doll Convention while visiting with old friends from the ‘60’s. 

 We have had wild weather in Oregon.  Ranging from over 100 degrees in September,  to torrential rains and winds over 120mph which tore off part of our roof.   But that is the wonder of living in the NW.  As folks here say – if you don’t like the weather – wait five minutes – it will change.

 Hope you and your families will have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Fab New Year.

 Hal and Karen