What an interesting year we have had. 

It started with another incredible Winter Folk Festival

with Tom Paxton, Barry McGuire and John York here in January. 

Once again our house was full of musicians for a wondrous week.


Barry McGuire, Hal & John York


This is what JJ thought about all the music!!


We then went on a cruise to celebrate not only the end of the festival,

but Karen's clean bill of health from her oncologist.  

The cruise was marvelous - started in Tampa, went to Belize,

Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico. 

Saw lots of incredible Mayan ruins and met some interesting people.


Bananas in Guatemala, Streets in Key West, Mayan Ruins in Belize and Costa Rico


We came back to finish our remodeling project. 

Karen now has a great bright sewing room she can use.

She already has filled it up with all of her projects! 

She started to make up for loss of travel in 2008 by going

to Boise for a Doll Convention,

then to San Francisco for two more Doll conventions

 and then to Salt Lake City with her sisters

to do more geneology and visit with friends there.


Karen in Salt Lake City with our God Daughter Mandy's new son Jacob


Hal continues to be very busy with his music.  

He organized a Summer Folk Festival that played in 4 cities this summer.

His group, The New Folksters, again played all over the NW and even got a video made!



Grand finale of Summer Folk Festival in Lincoln City, OR


Hal continues to be active on several non-profit and for profit boards

and even played as Merlin in Camelot.


Hal - Merlin


We are blessed to have wonderful family and friends!

We hope that you and your family have the best Holiday Season

and a Wonderful New Year!!


Hal, Karen and JJ