wcs Weiner Consulting Services, LLC


System Acquisition

The expenses and risks of acquisition of a new system can be minimized with:

o Up-front business and needs analysis
o Effective formulation and evaluation of RFI's and Proposals.
o Analysis of cost and benefits of technology alternatives.
o Expert vendor evaluation and contract negotiation. o Management of transition to new technology
o Monitoring of system implementation process.

Project Management

After a system has been acquired, the key to success depends entirely on the implementation process.  We can provide:


o Development and monitoring of project tasks and plans.
o Project management to maximize productivity
and schedules
o Creation of testing/acceptance plans.
o Training for process change and most beneficial use of system.

o Monitoring of system design changes


Sales and Marketing


Targeted sales and marketing tools can improve laboratory sales, reduce costs and ensure meeting financial targets. We can produce:

o Data sheets and product literature targeted at solution selling.
o Interactive product demonstrations on disk, CD and Web that:
     -  Highlight benefits

     -  Demonstrate key features

     -  Reduce cost of sales

     -  Generate follow-up opportunities

o Professional multi-media presentations
o Sales training including effective presentation techniques
o Competitive analysis

 Pricing configurators
o Market analysis

Education and Training

We provide a wide variety of cost effective education and training programs.

Our programs can include:
o Presentation skills workshop

o Competitive analysis presentations

o Strategic planning and positioning sessions

o Effective sales processes

o In-depth product usage in a variety of HIS/LIS products

Product Review and Design

We can conduct in-depth product design and review including:

o Development of detailed functional specifications
o Development of detailed operational specifications

o Review of existing and planned products

o Product test documentation and testing protocols
o Assessment of competitive position

Benefits Realization

Risk-based contracting is a method to tie vendor claims for cost-justification and benefits to be derived from a system to the amount to be paid for the system.   Vendors may agree to share the risk and the rewards to be derived from implementation of new technologies.  The key to this form of contract is an accurate, auditable Benefits Realization Study which includes:

o Assessment and measurement  to develop base-line metrics
o Evaluation of proposed benefits

o Creation of audit and monitoring programs
o Periodic review of the process