Holly Jolly Follies

Good Stuff, non-profit

498 Hwy 101

PO Box X

Florence, OR 97439




Good Stuff Nonprofit has been operating as a 501(c)3 charity since May 2008.  Our purpose for forming this nonprofit was to be able to continue giving where money is very much needed.  We had been sending funds to several countries to assist in feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and creating self-supporting opportunities. 

             But we discovered that the government prefers that gifts of money be sent through charitable organizations—for tracking purposes—and we decided to become one!  Now our giving is legal.  Little did we know how important that decision would become.

             We found that others have desired to give, knowing that 100% of their gift would go directly to its intended purpose.  And because of this charity, we have been able to build two houses in India for homeless families, provide sewing machines for widows there, build a dormitory and classrooms at an orphanage in Uganda, buy 600 acres of farmland to support the orphanage, buy tractor and implements and build a farm building to house farm equipment and farm manager.

            Locally we have supported Caring Pregnancy Center and have cooperated in other community efforts.

             The Holly Jolly Follies is one of the fund raising events of Good Stuff Nonprofit.  Thank you for attending and for your participation in our mission to care for the children here and around the world.  


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