With The Brothers Four & Igor Glenn


Hal and Bev


With The New Folksters



Hal with Barry McGuire and John York

About us!

Hal Weiner has been playing music since the '60's when he was part of the Barbary Coast Singers.   He is the Chairman of the Florence Winter Folk Festival, a founding member of the New Folksters and past President of the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers.   On top of all that, he gets great joy in performing whether for a nursing home for three  residents or an auditorium filled with 1,000 people.  Hal plays guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele, and kazoo!  Other performers may include:

  • Ron Estep  - guitar and vocals
  • Beverly Schriver - vocals
  • Lynette Kristine - fantastic Bass player
  • Bill Murlin - Guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Igor Glenn - Anything with strings, vocals
  • Jim Portillo - Guitar, bass, vocals
  • Art Morgan - Guitar, bass, vocals
  • Larry Gallagher - Guitar, vocals
  • Carl Allen - Tenor Guitar, Guitar, vocals
  • Leroy Newport - Banjo, vocals
  • ..... and many others